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Food for the Soul

While I think everyone here can agree that we all really like food- the imagination it ignites, family it connects, smiles it brings- I am quite certain we can also agree that there is way more to life than our delicious culinary masterpieces. We need more. I personally need one thing- I need grace. I mess up a ridiculous amount and I am in desperate need of the never ending grace I believe comes from Jesus. I have found freedom and life in him, and I now live my life running to his arms. He gives me reason to live every day. He constantly encourages and inspires. And I want to do that in return.

That is what this page is about- inspiration and encouragement.

I have no idea where you are from, what you believe, and really who you are, but I do know you need a little encouragement in your life. So...heres to a little dose of food for the soul. I hope you will smile just a little brighter after visiting this page. :)

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