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Thursday, June 20, 2013



I made it to SPAIN ahhhhh :) I have been here for 3.5 days and am already in love. aka I´m trying to find a Spanish chico to marry just so I can stay here. Great idea, right? :)

Ahhhh I don´t even know where to begin. Well I suppose I could start with my flight here. That would be a good place to begin, right?

 So I left the Lexington Airport Sunday morning at 11 a.m and arrived in Valencia, Spain around 3 a.m Kentucky time. Those hours in between were pretty darn hectic at times, but overall my airport experience was not too bad. I know that God sure was looking out for me when I ran across a super nice family in the Chicago airport (a giant airport, mind you) that just so happened to be going on the same flight to Madrid as me. And this was their 25th time going there. Soooo I just joined their family for a few hours and had a great conversation with their super nice and pretty cute son while the rest of the family ate lunch. Definitely a good start to the trip.

 A few hours later we finally boarded the long flight to Madrid. I ended up sitting beside a very nice father and his family. While the kids were sleeping we got the chance to chat for a bit. It turns out he is retired bank/stock market guru turned college professor who takes his family to France every summer where they live in their second home. Oh, and he spent 4 years living in Japan and 2 in China, and is a Fútbol player/retired rower. Let´s just say this man had some pretty good stories.

After an extremely long, sleep deprived seven hours we finally arrived in Madrid. The only problem was that our plane was a little late and I had to get on the tram and through immigration, customs, and to my gate in 25 minutes. I got a good amount of exercise in running through the airport. But, hey! I made it :)

My flight from Madrid to Valencia was only one hour and quite bearable. I actually ended up sitting by this really cool girl from LA who is spending 6 weeks this summer in Valencia. She gave me her email address and we might get together if I get the chance to go up there :) We also talked about Jesus, so that was pretty darn cool.

Bucket list- Talk to someone on the airplane about Jesus. <check>

Once I finally made it to Valencia and got my bags I found Pedro, Elena, and Ester all waiting for me just outside the doors. Oh, and they brought me a Bocadillo de Jamón y aciete. Aka the best sandwich ever. I don´t think I can ever eat American food again. Like for realz. I feel sorry for you all right now. Cause you are missing out, let me tell you!

A lot of other things have happened so far....like The Torros, seeing "El Gran Gatsby" en Español, tons of awesome food, a trip to the playa....but I honestly don´t feel like thinking/typing in English right now, so i´ve gotta go! Hope all is well with y´all.

Los Torros :D

Oh. My. Gosh. I literally ate every bit of this. No joke.

La Playa!

Besos de España :)

Saturday, June 15, 2013


Hey y'all. Soooo...it has been two months since I have been here. That. Is. Crazy. Sooooo much has happened since then that I won't even begin to go into details. Life has shifted from super stressful to celebration mode and graduation craziness down to almost normal and now back to crazy. But this one is a super crazy crazy. Like WOAH...

 I'm leaving for Spain this Sunday!!!

 For the next 5 weeks I will be spending my time sitting by the pool ,soaking up the sun (trying not to die from Sun Burn- #redheadprobs), dancing it up at the disco, eating ridiculous amounts of Paella and trying to learn some Espanol. I'm nervous, scared (mainly of the air ports/traveling solo!), and mostly BEYOND excited. I can still hardly believe it is really happening. 

10 months of nonstop homework, lack of sleep, endless hours at school, scholarships, work, anxiety, stress, and a handful of other things that most high school seniors experience all year long...are finally done!!!! And it is party time :D 

So bring on the Paella, Spain here I come! 

P.s Be expecting to hear from me multiple times per week on here! I'm not sure what this trip holds in terms of recipes and whatnot, but I will definitely be sharing lots about my adventures/whereabouts/whatabouts for the next month!