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Workin' it

In a life full of ice cream addictions, chocolate cravings , and late night spoonfuls of peanut butter, one must find a little balance. Balance that allows for that extra scoop of frozen goodness that is just about impossible to deny. Or that perfectly fattening ballpark hot dog calling your name. Or the rest of those  (insert guilty pleasures here) that Jillian Michaels wouldn't quite approve of. All I can say is thank goodness for balance. Balance in the form of "Workin' it out". At the gym, on the track, around the neighborhood, in front of the T.V (while watching The Biggest Loser, of course). Just gettin' up and gettin' active so that you can run back to the kitchen, to the classroom, to your kids with a little more pep in your step. And because life is too short to sacrifice heavy whipping cream.

So...I would love for y'all to join me in putting down the measuring spoons and turning off the oven for just a bit. Lets go for a run, hike up a mountain, take a breather in yoga. And then write about it, of course! I'd love to hear all about your crazy intense work outs or peaceful strolls through the park. And I hope you will enjoy, and maybe even be inspired by mine! Let's "Work it" together, y'all!

Lets do this.

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