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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Mid-Night Dabbles.

It is 12:12. {Offically St. Patrick's Day!} I am totally not asleep. For the first time in way too long of a while I got 10 hrs of sleep. My body isn't quite adjusted. I claim I am practicing being a College student. My mom kindly reminds me I am, in fact, still a senior in High School. And, also in fact, I should not be texting past 10 p.m. You know you're still in high school when...right? Well, Momma is sound asleep, so how about a little rehash of my crazy weekend?

Starting with...Advanced Foods Class Thursday. {Ok, So not the weekend quite yet} We made some yummy Veggie Calzones.

Awh. Love them :) 
I have to admit, I got a 58/60 because one of my Calzones oozed a little...whoops!

We also made some Challah Bread. Puffy, doughy, salty goodness. Recipe/pictures to come.

On Thursday night I made miracles in our almost empty kitchen with Daily Garnish's Lemon Parsley Pasta Salad. This stuff rocked. I only added a little bit of salt and some steamed broccoli to this super simple, refreshing salad and it was perfect :)

 Seriously, go check out the recipe over here- Lemon Parsley Pasta Salad.

Gotta love O.J with Dinner. 
Then....today I headed up to Cincinati with a couple of friends to see the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center Museum- showcasing both past and modern-day slavery. It was seriously so awesome.

Yay for Car Rides. 

This was part of the Half the Sky exhibit-
"Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women across the Globe"

Modern Day Abolitionists. Join the fight, y'all. 
My experience at the NURFC was incredibly moving. One thing that really stuck out to me was the way they described how we can fight Modern-Day Slavery. Three words. Educate. Advocate. Support. Learn it exists. Tell other people it exists. Support organizations fighting slavery, practice ethical consumerism. We really can end slavery for good. Are you in it to end it?

I know I have a looong way to go- a lot of changes I can/need to make in my life- but I have decided to start with something small. As consumers, we have power. Power to purchase 3.00 Forever 21 shirts {F 21 is rated a D- in ethical production according to Free 2 Work organization- check out the ratings of your favorite brands}, and ridiculously expensive Nike tennis shoes {Pricy does not mean ethical-Lacoste brand is rated an F!}, or we can become concious consumers. We can research our brands with the Free 2 Work  app. We can support fair trade. 

So...I have decided to put aside my cravings for a while and only buy fair trade/ethical chocolate and sugar. First off, let me just say I am definitely not one of those girls that buys everything organic/fair trade. While I wish I rode my little thrifted bicycle down to the cute little health foodie store with my recycled bags and Chai Tea Latte in hand, that is totally not me {At least not yet :)}. So this is gonna be kinda hard. But it is worth it. Even if only one less hand picks a heap of sugar cane for me. It is worth that hand. 

I hope y'all will check out some of these resources, and join the fight against Modern-Day Slavery. 

  • Sign the pledge to raise your voice- IJM
  • Tell EVERYONE Slavery is Real. 

Donate to these organizations- 
Thanks y'all. Have a great day :) 

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