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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Death by 300's.

Hey y'all. Yesterday I experienced a terrible thing. A terrible thing called my first track workout of the season. A 300 meter sprint, 4 minute break. 100 meters, 15 minute break. Then two 200 meter sprints with a break in between. Only 4 sprints in total. Pretty darn easy, right? Thats what I thought as I approached the 300 mark. And then it began. I survived the first 300 okay, but I am telling you-for only 100 short meters, that next sprint was quite killer. And my oh my did I need every second of that 15 minute break I had just been laughing at, thinking that was way to long a break for a track runner. Shew. I will spare you the rest of the details of my out of shapeness. But hey, I survived. And I definitely enjoyed my slow recovery jog today. I hope y'all aren't dying (too much!) in your work outs! Keep on trucking! :)

Hello track season! 

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