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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Trada Joes.

Momma and I had a girls day out on Thursday. Well I actually crashed her lunch date with her dad and then my Dad joined us as well. But before lunch we made a quick stop by Trader Joe's. Ahh. 6 types of peanut butter? Heck yah. Creamy tomato soup? Yes please. After a few more oooos and ahhhs over the delicious items we headed to the checkout line with  solely nonperishable items. (Darn long trips with no refrigeration!) And then to Ramseys for some good Southern cooking.  After lunch Gramps took my Dad on home and Momma and I were free to shop. Ok so I normally hate the mall. But Christmas Gift Cards=Totally different story. With my  Forever 21 card (Thanks Aunt Andrea!) I bought some high waisted jeans and a jean button up shirt. Sweet. Then headed over to Franchescas (my new obsession. 3 times in two weeks.) and found the perfect gift for my best friend Emily. A cute little cross car charm to spice up her 15 year old pick up truck. We finished the day with a Strawberry and Banana smoothie with all natural ingredients to boot. Sweet. It was quite a nice day with Momma :) 

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