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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Saturday Morning Rehash.

Hi y'all. Other than some Eggs Benedict, I've been pretty distant from here lately. And I miss you all! There are several reasons for my absence, most of them leaning towards the fact that we had to read Crime and Punishment in English Class. Yep, Crime and Punishment. 500 pages of absolute craziness. But I survived, and, to be honest, I sort of liked it. In that, I would never ever choose to read this on my own but I enjoyed the  mind blowing, psychologically intense meaning, sorta way. Plus, there is a happy ending and even a little romance. Seriously, romance in a book called Crime and Punishment. Who would have thought. Anyways! I came here to give you a little rehash of my crazy week. Here is a list of the most important things!

  • I got asked to PROM (!) by this awesome guy :) 

End it movement shirt and Lecrae Mixed CD. Yay Prom! 

  • My awesome prom date won "Mr. WCHS"- the "pagent" for guys our school puts on to raise money for our senior prom. Free Prom tickets, wass up! 
  • We launched the #enditmovement at school- the movement against modern day slavery. Join the fight at Enditmovement.com. FREEDOM is COMING. 
Moden-day Abolitionists. 

  • My first track meet is tonight. I'm running the 400 meter dash, 4X4 relay, and 4X2 Relay. Eeeek. Im nervous. 
  • I made a skirt. Sewing is pretty much a requirement for a future Home Ec teacher, soo i've gotta brush up my skills. 

  • I went to waffle house last night. Waffles and Chocolate milk. Yes. 
  • I have offically become obsessed with Jesus Culture. 
  • My sis is in town and we are about to go consignment store prom dress shopping! 

 I got races to run and dresses to find, so I best be goin'. Have a great weekend y'all. 

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