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Monday, July 1, 2013

Dancin´ the night away

Hey yáll. soooo i´ve decided to just kinda forget about the whole posting regularly thing for this month. Ain´t no body got time for that!

Sooooo....I am seriously in LOVE with España. Like in loveeee. Ahhhhhhhhh.

I can basically sum up my life here in 3 words. Comida. Siesta. Fiesta. (eat. sleep. party. if you didn´t catch that :D) and it rocks. Ahhhhhh. I´m two weeks in and already trying to figure out how to move here. :D

For realz, if you have never been out of the country then you just have to go. Just go somewhere and soak in the culture and atmosphere. Learn to appreciate new traditions and jump out of your comfort zone. I have already learned so much in these two weeks. I know it sounds crazy to say so fast but  I already just feel soo much more confident in myself and who I am. Spain  (specifically the incredible people here) has taught me so much about life in general. I can´t seem to find the right words (maybe because i´m not quite adjusted to switching back and forth between languages!), but I just want yáll to know that I am truly having the experience of a life time, and I hope one day everyone of you all can do something like this. It is truly priceless.

Besos from España. xoxo 

p.s the reason this is titled "dancin´ the night away" is because i´ve been hittin´up the discos. and they rock :D

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