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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Photo Bomb of SPAIN.

Hiya, y´all. Week three of Spanish adventures and life is good. Too much to explain, so i´ll just bombard ya with photos! :D

Fruit=Dessert. Revolutionary.

Yay Beach adventures.

Simple Salad-tuna, tomato, onion, cheese, and olive oil. mmmhm.

elena eating an onion ring with silverware. nuff said.

American Food, oh how I don´t miss you!

Totally ate every bite.


Antonia´s lasagna.

Cherries. ¡que bo! 

Turron y Café Helado. 

Showin´the Spainards what real cookies are! 

"Hamburger" in honor of the 4th of July! 

annnnnddd....PAELLA. mmmmmhmmm. 
I hope y´all have a great week...and drool over some of these delicous treats! :D

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